Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just thought I would throw these in as an example of smaller more delicate work that can be done.

Wasp Earrings 22K Granulated Gold, Red Tourmaline 1.5 inches long by 1 inch wide

Not satisfied I have again gone in and did a few changes. First I lowered the brow and got rid of the heavy brow creases. Then I widened the face and redid her eyes and gave more structure to the snake's heads. Now finally, I think I will leave her alone and be happy with her.

Here is a nice shot of her profile. She is about an inch and a quarter deep.

Here is the Medusa Pendant I have working on lately. She is 3 inches across and created out 18 gauge sterling silver sheet. (I have since updated her look, see above postings)

I have added a 3mm outer edge of square wire to thicken the edge. Also I created a 22 inch chain made of twisted round silver wire. Sorry for the glare on the face it gives her a starring eye effect.

Here again is the finished old man pendant. He like the Medusa has a thick 3mm square wire added to his edge. He will be hung on a 18 inch 7mm thick hand woven chain of sterling silver.