Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not satisfied I have again gone in and did a few changes. First I lowered the brow and got rid of the heavy brow creases. Then I widened the face and redid her eyes and gave more structure to the snake's heads. Now finally, I think I will leave her alone and be happy with her.

Here is a nice shot of her profile. She is about an inch and a quarter deep.

Here is the Medusa Pendant I have working on lately. She is 3 inches across and created out 18 gauge sterling silver sheet. (I have since updated her look, see above postings)

I have added a 3mm outer edge of square wire to thicken the edge. Also I created a 22 inch chain made of twisted round silver wire. Sorry for the glare on the face it gives her a starring eye effect.

Here again is the finished old man pendant. He like the Medusa has a thick 3mm square wire added to his edge. He will be hung on a 18 inch 7mm thick hand woven chain of sterling silver.


Fred Zweig said...


These are great pieces. Looking forward to seeing more.


Murphy said...

Your Chasing is so lovely and crisp! I'm glad I came across your blog. Is there anything in particular that draws you to replicating faces in metal? Can't wait to see more.

Debra Montgomery said...

Great intricate work! Always a big fan of faces and figurative work!